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Types Of Vest Every Man Should Know!

Types of Vest Every Man Should Know!

Vests the preferred inner-wear for Men’s Comfort, style and utility.

Vest or Inner vest is a garment worn on the upper part of the body which may or may not have sleeves. Typically, Cotton Vest which are basically sleeveless, popularly know in India as Sandos or Banyans are a highly effective, comfortable clothing which is preferred to be worn chiefly by men and children.Vests form a long time have been the preferred choice amongst all men for innerwear as it provides the smooth look in tight clothes.

Highlights of Vest:

  • Vests are known to absorb sweat and separate it from your clothes
  • It also makes dress shirts less transparent
  • Prevents stains of any manner on clothes
  • They are comfortable because of the material used to make the vests.
  • It can also be worn during winter months as an extra layer of warmth

These are the most common and popular picks among innerwear or sleepwear. It might just be the only innerwear that not only works as sleepwear but also as a fashion statement if worn at the right place and in the right manner.

Here are a few types that every men wants to know & explore


A sleeveless vest or regular vest is a vest manufactured without sleeves, or one whose sleeves have been cut off. Sleeveless vest are worn by either sex, depending on the style. They are often used as undershirts by males, and are often worn by athletes in sports such as track and field and triathlon, and are regarded as acceptable public casual dress in most warm weather locales.


 Square neck design & broad shoulder straps for stylish look,  Shape to fit and  has contoured body fit style.These are similar to sleeveless vest and are  comfortable with body fit.Usually has Deep round neck styling.


A sleeveless Tee also called a muscle Tee, is the same design as a T-shirt, but without sleeves. They are primarily worn by men since the large open sleeve holes would expose the female breast under certain circumstances. They are often worn during athletic activities or as casual wear during warmer weather.


These are decidedly undershirts. They shouldn’t make an appearance as your outer layer. In fact, they shouldn’t make an appearance at all, except when you’re dressing and undressing. Keep them tucked in and keep your shirts buttoned high enough that the scoop neck isn’t visible.

The flip side of that, of course, is that they’re not actually all that useful. Most have armholes cut much too large (to make sure the product fits as many men as possible), meaning that you don’t have any underarm protection at all. It’ll soak up a little sweat on your back and that’s about it.

These are really only useful for those who don’t sweat a whole lot, or for men who want to wear very short-sleeved and low-necked summer shirts.


The original T-shirt style began as an undershirt, but became an ubiquitous youth garment by the 1950s. You can go either way with yours — it’s not very classy to go around in just a white T-shirt, but if it’s closely-fitted and you’re in good shape, the look can work.

Mostly, though, these are also best as undershirts. They provide good sweat protection, especially if they’re fitted close in the chest and under the arms.

The big disadvantage of the classic crew-neck style is its high neckline. If you’re planning on wearing a dress shirt or similar button-fronted shirt, you’ll need to keep it buttoned up all the way to hide a crew-neck undershirt. Depending on the height of the T-shirt and the cut of the dress shirt, you may even find undershirts that can only be worn with a buttoned collar and necktie, which are of obviously limited use.


Replacing the crew neck with a V-neck is the obvious solution for men who want to wear a shirt with a few buttons left undone. The depth of the V-shape can vary, but most are cut so that you can wear at least one button (besides the collar button) of a typical dress shirt open without showing your undershirt.

These are a more practical and preferred option for undershirt purposes, and retain the same good absorbency of the T-shirt style, but they’re even more casual (we might go so far as to say tacky) when visible. Don’t wear them as a visible layer, at least not in plain white or heather gray. If you must have a visible V-neck T-shirt, make it a brightly-colored layer.


A light cotton T-shirt with long sleeves offers the same absorbency of a basic T-shirt style undershirt, and adds extra insulation for cool weather.

These are the closest direct descendant of the union suit, and sometimes even come with a few buttons at the collar, which can be opened for a little breath-ability if the wearer feels overheated.

These can be used in layered outfits, much like a colored T-shirt. On their own, they still make the wearer look a little under-dressed — but that hasn’t stopped the style from becoming popular.

If the long-sleeved T-shirt look is your thing, you can safely consider it permitted these days. Around here we’d still recommend throwing another layer on top.


This is probably the most visible example of a recent trend in light, moisture-wicking athletic shirts that are cut much like traditional undershirts. These use microfiber and synthetic material to create a garment that stays light and dry much longer than a basic cotton shirt.

The high performance of a lot of these tops is offset by a style that’s not really designed for “under” wear. Most male versions come in dark or vividly bright colors, with logos and patterns that are meant to be seen. Even many of the white or light gray ones come with dark logos that will show through light shirts.

You can wear these when you’re exercising or while playing sports— that’s what they’re made for.  It’s challenging to work them into other dressier casual outfits.


Gym vests have also captured big share in the fitness domain. These provide a much needed ease & comfort required, while working out in the gym or playing in the field.  Gym vest are worn by fitness enthusiasts, including gym aficionados, basketball and football buffs etc. Many gym vests also come along with sweat wicking feature for better performance. If you plan to buy gym vest online, then the collection by  will spoil you silly.

Designed for comfort and mobility, you can perform your best at the gym in vests. Even the rib part is made in a manner that you benefit with the elasticity, strength and durability. So, it may be a workout or simply comfortable wear at home you can wear them anytime.


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